I will visit the Illinois Regional Archives Depository located at the Ronald Williams Library on the Northeastern Illinois University Campus. There I will copy the Cook County Coroner's Inquest Record for requested individual. The index covers from December 1872 to November 1911. However, the periods October 1879 to July 1880 and May 1888 to October 1888 are missing.

Information included on each record:

-Inquest Number

-Name of Deceased

-Address and Location of Inquest

-Date of Inquest

-Jury's Verdict

-Juror's Names Including Foreman

-Witnesses Names, Residence, and Occupation

-Description of Deceased Person and Identifying Facts*

-Description of Property Found on Deceased

-To Whom such Property was Delivered

*Description of Deceased Person and Identifying Facts where only filled out for an unknown decedent for later identification.

Record location may take up to two weeks. The regional depositories are staffed by graduate student interns. Because of class scheduling conflicts, hours may vary somewhat. 

The fee for finding the document is $12.oo if found.  There is a $4.oo fee if it is not located.

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